Synesthesia Literary Journal

Editor Bios

Christopher Gorrie

Christopher Gorrie is a poet, writer, editor, and musician hailing from San Diego, California. He holds a Bachelor’s in Literature from San Diego State University and is currently completing his master’s degree. He is a Quality Assurance Specialist at Ashford University and does freelance editorial and ghostwriting work on projects such as memoris and novellas. His creative work has appeared or is forthcoming in literary venues such as the Aztec Literary Review, the San Diego Poetry Annual,, ANON Magazine, The Penn Review, Poems-for-All, and Duende. Orchid Minuets for Emily – his first poetry collection – was published in December 2012. 



Seretta Martin’s passion is to help others express themselves through poetry and art. In pursuing that desire, she has written and published both, taught workshops and been featured on TV and at the KPBS 2017 Annual Celebration of the Arts Gala. Seretta earned an MFA in Creative Writing from San Diego State University. She is the author and illustrator of the book, Foreign Dust, Familiar Rain, and the soon to be published, Overtaking Glass. Seretta is the managing editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual. She is a Philip Levine Prize and Washington Prize short-list finalist, and a recipient of grants from the James Irvine Foundation. Her poetry and art appear in Web del Sol, Serving House Journal, Margie, Modern Haiku, A Year in Ink, Poetry International, and Border Voice Poetry Anthologies,  She teaches poetry at San Diego Writer’s Ink, Border Voices Poetry Project and California Poets in the Schools, and has hosted the New Alchemy Poetry Series for 17 years. Seretta shares her San Diego home with two magnificent calicos and another redhead, Molly, a lanky Maine Coon. Border Voices Poetry in the schools:
California Poets in the Schools:


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